About us 

We have been a group of bikepacking and country bike enthusiasts for many years. We have had cycling adventures in our Carpathian arc, Caucasus, Alps, Altai, Pyrenees, .. Our first bike packing was through Slovakia x years ago. Carrier-free bags were not yet on offer, so we had to make them. The trend of bikepacking is evolving. Thus, we also tried the first non-stop races. This style of measured trip convinced us of the organization of something similar in our country. It is not a typical form of a race, which is why we also call it a bikepacking action form of a measured trip.

What led us to organize this event?

Absence of a similar cycling event throughout Slovakia. We need to take people to the most beautiful and, most importantly, unfamiliar places. Places that you would not think of visiting with a bicycle and provide you with an experience that you will never forget. There are few activities that will bring you so much intense experience in such a short time as to go through the whole of Slovakia by bike and the opportunity to compare the time achieved with other participants.

Videos and articles from our experiences ...